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Anyone else like milkshakes in so far as i do? I’m asking because I’ve made you one which tastes EXACTLY like that delicious minty chocolate chip one from you know where (BIG M).

I will tell let you in on a little key: Tony is Enthusiastic about McDonald’s; I cannot get him to stop eating it. In fact, I think he eats a substantial amount of it when I’m not really around. Quite troubling for someone who runs a health-focused meals blog, right?! I guess opposites do attract?…

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I’ve been wanting to bake chocolates chip cookies that flavor like pure luxury, even though I’ve tested many, I’ve hardly ever quite perfected my own recipe… until now!

I knew I needed to create a cookie that could help to make anyone want to take pleasure from that exact second when they first little bit into it. That they had to be a small unique too! I don’t know about you but my perfect chocolates chip cookie is certainly a little sharp externally…

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How was your weekend, friends? It looks like Spring finally made a decision to come out on the weekend and I’m feeling extra joyful due to it.

On Saturday, Tony and I went consignment and resale store shopping. I spotted a mid century contemporary bookshelf for $60 and knew immediately I had to have it for my workplace! I’m looking to best to get organized, so creating a bookshelf for photography props and books is a must. I opted to color the…

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