Advanced Periodontitis Treatment

Advanced periodontitis is a condition whereby the gum disease has caused damage to the gum tissue to such an extent, that the gum has pulled away from the tooth. This has created a pocket between the gum and the tooth, to a depth greater than 5 mm. It is likely that some erosion of the bone supporting the tooth has started also. Read today the advanced periodontitis treatment guide.

The depth of the gum pocket is now beyond the reach of non-surgical instruments so as a last resort to clean the tartar and bacteria from the pockets, gum surgery becomes necessary for advanced periodontitis treatment.

Advanced Periodontitis Treatment

Pocket Reduction Surgery (Flap Surgery).         

    • A tiny cut is made in the gum.         
    • The flap is made by lifting the gum tissue upwards.         
    • The roots of the tooth are now exposed, making them available for scaling and planing.      
    • Any treatment required by the tooth supporting bone, maybe reshaping, for example, will be carried out at this time.       
    • The gum flap will then be repositioned and stitched.
    • This kind of flap surgery normally is done with the patient slightly anaesthetised and is usually complete within about 2 hours.

Tissue Grafts.- Any unhealthy gum tissue is removed.

  • Fresh, healthy tissue is extracted from the gum palate in the mouth.        
  • The healthy tissue is attached to the affected area of the gum.        

The newly grafted healthy tissue covers the exposed roots of the tooth and reduces any further gum recession.

Tooth Support Bone Graft.- Grafting is carried out to replace the bone surrounding the root of the tooth resulting from the periodontitis.-         

  • The grafting material may be obtained from the patient using small fragments of existing bone, or synthetic bone may be used.       
  • The bone graft serves to hold the tooth firmly in position and provide a base for the re-growth of natural bone.

Guided Tissue Regeneration.-  This kind of surgery encourages any damaged bone to regrow.

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Sometimes the dentist will insert a piece of material between the remaining bone and the tooth, so stopping any unwanted, unhealthy tissue from re-entering the space. This will encourage the bone to regrow.-  Or, the dentist may choose a more advanced technique which applies a special kind of gel to the diseased tooth root.      

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